The brilliance of bicarbonate of soda: odour removal

The brilliance of bicarbonate of soda has often been overlooked these days as we have a vast array of expensive cleaning alternatives. It is time bicarbonate of soda was given the recognition it deserves as a simple, but effective, household product.

I do like simple solutions to problems. Inevitably, given the nature of this blog, I also like environmentally friendly solutions to such issues as cleaning around the home. Bicarbonate of soda provides a simple solution to a wide range of problems.

Bicarb, as it is often called, is an excellent deodoriser, useful in many ways. The crystals absorb all unpleasant smells, keeping your smelling fresh. Once you judge that its odour-removing days are over, the bicarb can be used as cleaner for bins and drains.

What does Bicarbonate of soda deodorise?

  • Your fridge or freezer. Remove the top of the tub and stand it in the fridge or freezer. Stir the bicarb, or shake the tub, every week or so, to move the crystals around, and replace every two to three months.
  • Your kitchen bin or recycling bin, even if you line your bin with a plastic bag (hopefully a completely degradable bag such as we sell through Wikaniko). Sprinkle bicarb in the bottom of the bin. When you need to wash your bin out, just add hot water to the soda crystals, and slosh it around. No further cleaning product will be needed.
  • Your pet’s litter tray. Bicarb is your friend. Sprinkle a thin layer in the bottom of the tray to absorb unpleasant smells. Then, just like with the bin, when it comes to washing the tray out, you can just add hot water, and the soda becomes your cleaner. Two for the price of one – how good is that?
  • Your carpets can be deodorised simply and quickly. Check a small, unobtrusive area for colourfastness. Sprinkle the soda crystals directly onto the carpet, and leave them there for at least an hour, or even overnight. Vacuum the carpet in the normal way.
  • Your vacuum cleaner. When you have deodorised your carpet, the crystals will do the same for the vacuum cleaner, if you do not empty it too swiftly. Alternatively, you could just vacuum up some clean crystals of course.
  • Your smelly shoes and trainers. Sprinkle a layer of bicarb into your footwear at night and shake or vacuum it out in the morning.

Other deodorising uses

I am told that bicarb works just as well with ashtrays, but I have no experience of this. Wash dirty ashtrays with a soda solution, and then dry. Sprinkle a little soda in the bottom to absorb smells and aid cleaning next time.

A solution of bicarb and water is said to act as a deodorant under the arms. I cannot see why it shouldn’t work, given how well it works in all the other situations. Why not try it?

Where to get bicarbonate of soda

Of course, you can get bicarbonate of soda from your supermarket. On the other hand, you could order much bigger packets from my online shop with Wikaniko at where you will also find a whole range of useful environmentally friendly cleaners. Why not surf over there and take a look?


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